Plague called huMANity

by Prometheus Burning

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Prometheus Burning has straddled the industrial and experimental noise scenes for years with their blend of jagged, compelling dark electronics, digital banshee vocals, and their devastatingly powerful, visceral live performances. 2009 marks ProBurn’s return to the spotlight with their new full length release and Crunch Pod debut; Plague called huMANity.

With the unleashing of this new concept album, vocalist Nikki Telladictorian and electronics guru Greg VanEck set and follow their own standards with a truly unique vision. Based loosely on the mythology of Pandora’s Box, Plague called huMANity is ProBurn’s most ambitious and accessible work to date. Combining remarkably varied elements of industrial, breakcore, and IDM, Plague Called HuMANity has an artistic bloodlust that oozes from every fractured note. Seeping with subtle nods and references to their earliest electro-industrial influences of the 80’s and 90’s, Plague called huMANity even features their own take on the classic Ministry floorcrusher “You Know What You Are” as an album bonus.

Get ready world — the Mother of Abominations is here!

- Crunch Pod


We wanted to do an album that reflected our earliest Electro-Industrial influences, yet at the same time, avoid dipping into that retro gimmicky area some bands fall into. We wanted to dip into our own personal nostalgia and interpretation of “Old School Industrial”… the music that not only helped shape our sound, but shaped who we are today. What we did NOT want to do was reinvent the wheel. We wanted to find the fulcrum… the balance point between past and present. It was a tremendous challenge.

The second major challenge behind this album was trying to take the story we conceptualized, and translate it into a musical album. Every song on Plague called huMANity is a chapter of a story based loosely on the mythology of Pandora’s Box, which follows the character of a homeless girl named Nyx, who while living as a street whore, undergoes some really heavy shit. The album begins as Nyx lays dying in an alley after being severely beaten and raped, overlooked and ignored by those that pass her by. On the brink of death, she begins to hear voices beckoning to her from inside her mind. Following the voices, they lead her to a box buried inside the recesses of her psyche, containing but a single spark of divine fire… a trojan horse implanted by Prometheus seeping with the powers of the Gods. By tapping into this spark and letting the fire consume her, Nyx is able to cheat death and become a demigod; the Mother of Abominations. Burning with rage and the desire for revenge, she unleashes her new found powers upon all of those who ever used and abused her. She then sets out to confront and destroy the one responsible for all of the evil and corruption in the world; the Goddess Pandora. Nyx hopes that if she can overthrow Pandora and close her box of Plagues, she can save humanity from total corruption…

You will have to listen to the album for the entire tale, paying attention to the lyrics for guidance. This is our most vocally heavy album so far and it will require your full attention, along with an open mind and an open ear. Plague called huMANity has many secrets and surprises to reveal.

- Prometheus Burning


released March 13, 2009

CD released 2009 on Crunch Pod [C62]
Mastering: Metarc -
Artwork and design: Paul McCarroll -
Photography: Dani Kramer -
Original version of “You know what you are” was composed by Ministry on their album “Land of Rape and Honey”, one of the greatest Industrial albums of all time.



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Prometheus Burning Pittsburgh

Formed in 2001, Prometheus Burning is a renegade Electro duo from Pittsburgh PA featuring visual artist and vocalist Nikki Telladictorian and producer Greg VanEck. Operating from the fringe and defying definition, they forge an aggressive and eccentric sound that often blurs the line between electronic genres, from dancefloor killing beats to complex chaotic noise. ... more

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