by Prometheus Burning

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Released by WTII Records


released November 13, 2012

Nikki Telladictorian [vox, lyrics, synths, keys]
Greg VanEck [beats, modular, mixing, sequencing]

Gregg Janman [mastering]
Paul McCarroll [art and design]
Arvin Clay [photography]



all rights reserved


Prometheus Burning Pittsburgh

Formed in 2001, Prometheus Burning is a renegade Electro duo from Pittsburgh PA featuring visual artist and vocalist Nikki Telladictorian and producer Greg VanEck. Operating from the fringe and defying definition, they forge an aggressive and eccentric sound that often blurs the line between electronic genres, from dancefloor killing beats to complex chaotic noise. ... more

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Whispers in my head
Twisted knife in my back
I know the name of this game
I know I'm under attack

Don't say I'm paranoid
Don't think I give a shit
You wont see remorse on my face
The time has come to kill it

Kill it
With fire

What else - can I say
I've got no apologies
You've sealed your own fate
Get down on your knees

Don't say I'm paranoid
Don't think I give a shit
You wont see remorse on my face
The time has come to kill it

Kill it
With fire

Gave you so many chances
Some people never learn
My vengeance and wrath
Now its your time to burn

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Unraveling your deception
I was a fool to ever trust

Back to the the beginning we return
Now it's your time to burn

Kill it
With fire
Track Name: inTerruptOr
Forget all that you know as true
Everything you know is you
Forget all that they have to say
Their agenda gets in the way

See the truth
Be what it is to you

Conform Consume Obey
Controlled by the signal
We are their slave

What do they want from you?

I have the power
I have my place
I hold the key
Get the fuck out of my face

Be the answer to the problem
Fuck being a victim
A part of the system
Controlled and consumed
Track Name: We R the Gods
Soft skin
Pretty eyes
Forged in fire
The secret
She keeps
Is the freedom
We desire

Let's make one thing clear
We are the gods now
We got the technology
Reaching singularity

Striving to be one
Despite the divide
Reach singularity
Become the divine

Caress my circuitry
Do i feel real?
I am real
Track Name: miserChordia
In the eye of the hunter
I am prey
Always on the run
No place to call home
Hiding in the shadows
Street lights kiss my eyes goodnight
The cold air holds me tight
Tonight I sleep forever
Your love is cold
So little time
Your love is cold
Slipping inside
I feel the warmth now
It's pouring out now
Your love is cold slipping inside
Track Name: inVisible eNemy [v2]
I hear words from thin air
I feel breath on my ear
But no one is there
Invisible enemy
Follow my veins
To the wound
Crawl inside me
Take down the enemy
Piece by piece
The shadows keep me company
As I sleep within a dream
The eyes you open
Are the ones that weep
Track Name: a liVing obliViOn
Forget me
Forgive me
Forgive myself salvation
Forget myself damnation
Forget all your trouble
Forget all your fear
Forget I ever was here
Everything is fading
The memory is gone
I'm on my way to oblivion
Living oblivion
Dancing in the dark
Enter the forbidden
Violation of touch
Black out
Dancing in the dark